Monday, August 27, 2007

Download Buttons

If you already own a song and you are browsing through our library, instead of "Purchase" buttons, you will now see "Download" buttons. You can click them to be brought straight to the page where you can download that song.

This will help you see what songs you already own, and give you quick and easy access to them.

Thanks Tara for the great suggestion!

Already In Cart

I'm not sure who suggested this, but I've added a feature that shows which songs are already in your cart.

To use it, simply add a song to your cart by clicking the Purchase button. Then, when you browse for more songs (for example, you click the "Continue Shopping" button to return to your previous search...), any song that is already in your cart will have the "In Cart Already" button appear. If you click it, it will simply bring you to your shopping cart.

This is a handy feature to help you know which songs you've already listened to. Also, even through it isn't a new feature, you can still use the "Add To Favorites" star to do something similar. Try both features out!

Continue Shopping Button

As requested by several stock20 customers (who are smarter than me :-)), I've added a "continue shopping" feature that brings you back to your last search using the Search Tools.

Simply use the Search Tools to find a song, and click the Purchase button to add it to your cart. Then, on the shopping cart page, click "Continue Shopping" and you will be brought back to your previous search.

Thanks everyone for this great suggestion!